Who we are

Nightfox is an independent clothing brand, established mid 2012

We're a movement, a way of living

Nightfox is not a common company, first of all we are a bunch of active riders who love mountains and riding trails.

Art Hobby Become an Art Business

What began as the hobby of a DH racing teenager, designing handmade jerseys with his markers for his friends, has grown to become recognized as the premier Custom MTB jerseys brand in the world.

Quality over Quantity

Our goal is to produce the best possible products to serve our customers who ride. Our materials are very high quality and our designs are proven performers.

We choose products that enhance your comfort on the bicycle. We put emphasis on technical design and try to provide the products and services that support your riding comfort. We are committed to honesty and integrity in all our business relationships.

Design is everything

We are very proud of our design team, we always make stunning jersey designs for the teams.

Our great passion is the world of biking from MTB to BMX.

Another big passion is art & design, we love to design jerseys and team apparel for riders who want to look unique at the trails. Nightfox has a team of awarded and experienced designers ready to create awesome stuff!